Would need the imac 11,1 AHT

ADMIN NOTE: the file is now available for direct download here.


I would badly need the iMac 11,1 AHT Mac-F2268DAE.

I saw on this page http://arhiva.macforum.ro/comunitate/files/file/14-apple-hardware-test-imac101/ , that it was available earlier this year on this forum. How can I access it ?

Thanks you.

Download button does not work, but perhaps Tudor (admin) will solve this for you.

You can now download the file iMac 11,1 AHT Mac-F2268DAE.

Thanks a lot ! that worked well !

hi Tudor,
I was looking for imac11,1 as well, but seems now only iMac10,1 is available?
Can you help again?


Hi Klaus, as far as I know the AHT for the iMac10,1 should also work for the iMac11,1.

thanks for prompt reply!
I will give that a try - cheers

could you please relink this file ? the archive link isn’t working again.
Thank you very much

Tudor, te rog frumos as avea si eu nevoie de file-ul acesta.

O să-l caut, am reorganizat fișierele din arhivă și văd că s-au stricat niște linkuri.

multumesc mult

Where is the file found now?


I too am in need of the iMac11,1 AHT file. Are the files still available? The link is dead.

Tudor, the guys are looking for that AHT here! Perhaps you can help them.

Here you go guys, the download link is working again now:

Cheers! Thank you very much!

I couldn’t single in to download it.

The AHT files are back online now (until the server crashes again and I’ll have to switch back to the static copy).

please share link again… it seems like you re the only source for iMac11,1 version of AHT. Please…

Tudor, you may open a business with these AHTs :smile:

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