Apple Wired Keyboard Romanian layout (without numbered keyboard)

I need to buy a “Apple Wired Keyboard Romanian layout - without Numbered Keypad”

Does it exist? I think it must be sold before the “Magic” keyboard came out.

Could anyone help? Sorry, my Romanian is not so good yet.

Thanks. piere

For sure it is, all the generations of Apple keyboards have had Romanian version, you must look for someone selling something like this. I do not have one. Go to and type something like ‘tastatura Apple’ in the search filed, and see what you may find. Or to Or perhaps someone jumps up here.

It seems it will not be an easy find, unfortunately. The first 3 pages of don’t show almost anything suitable:

There’s this “set”, with the wired mouse, but it’s not Romanian layout:

But yes, I think or are almost the only options.

Why do you need one, in fact? You may use any keyboard, you just need to activate the keylayout. There are only 5 different chars put on the peripheral positions.
P.S. I am adding this, because many users have the false impression that they cannot write in, say, Russian if they do not have a Russian physical keyboard! Any physical keyboard may be used for writing in any language, just it is uncomfortable to remember all the chars if they are very different from the ones you are accustomed to, because their location may be completely different.

…let alone the fact that you could always add stickers or overlays. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the kind reply.
I will keep on investigating the 2 sites you indicated.
It seems that I perhaps I may end up with the only choice of putting overlays on one of my US keyboard.
I have appreciated your effort.

thanks a lot for your prompt reply with hints on where to find a Romanian keyboard.
As far as I understand on these sites only used stuff is being sold. There would remain a question if they will work on my quite recent MacBook Pro (only one year old).
I was hoping to find some small computer stores somewhere in RO where they could still sell a wired keyboard.
In Italy they were still selling the Wired compact model as far as January 2016, and that was at the official Apple Store where I bought it.
Would you know any indication of smaller computer stores or chains were I might try to find my luck?
The wired with Numeric Keypad is too big for travelling. The new Magic does not work with OS Yosemite. I have some indispensable programs that would not yet work well with El Captain.
And the different physical keyboard is actually quite indispensable because once I switch to Romanian keylayout from the physical Italian keyboard that I have, I get the 5 typical Romanian chars added, but in the meantime I also get all the punctuation keys and symbols keys that are arranged and spaced differently. 26 alphabet letters chars stay positioned in the same way, but everything else (19 keys) are moved around. Enough to drive you crazy.
Stickers on the keyboard? But I would still need the original physical set up, to write in English and Italian. I need to use the 3 languages all the time.
Overlays? Where to buy Romanian overlays? And would they fit on the original keyboard?
Thanks a lot for your attention. Va multsumesc foarte mult. Grazie mille.
Ciao. Piera

Well, and are the usual web s.h. shops. Somewhat specialised is this one
I think any Apple *and non-Apple) physical keyboard will work with any mac. Bluetooth keyboards may not work with older machines if BT v. 4 only (am not sure). I have no idea with overlays, as I do not use them, I have simply learnt the distribution or have created my own keylayouts with UKELELE, one of my physical keyboards is Danish (I guess, am not sure!).
Otherwise, the two big Apple dealers in Romania are iStyle and Noumax, give a try with them too.
P.S. I am not sure whether I understand what you mean: ‘here would remain a question if they will work on my quite recent MacBook Pro (only one year old). ’ That an older physical bluetooth keyboard (or wired too?) may not work with your newer mac? I guess they will work without any problem, what makes you think this?

What is your current, familiar keyboard layout? Italian? Choose the one you are familiar to, and then open it in UKELELE, add the Romanian chars where you consider comfortable, save it under other name, and you are there. I may do it for you, it is indeed very simple to do this with UKELELE.